European war

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This is a list of conflicts in europe ordered chronologically, including wars between european states, civil wars within european states, wars between a european state and a non-european state that took place within europe, and global conflicts in which europe was a theatre of war.

Please easy tech, when you make european war 5, make it very similar to 4, give us many wars to choose from, napoleonic, american war of independence, ww1, ww2, cold war, and a real modern mode let us interact with our allies, make treaties and such.

The european theatre of world war ii, also known as the second european war, was a huge area of heavy fighting across europe, from germany's and the soviet union's joint invasion of poland in september 1939 until the end of the war with the soviet union conquering most of eastern europe along with the german unconditional surrender on 8 may 1945 (victory in europe day. A wiki for the game european war series developed by easytech inc write a description about your topic let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it european war wiki edited by antonovsky european war wiki edited by antonovsky snapshot click the edit.

European war

Special units are unique units replacing the standard units each nations usually own 2 special units some nations might have the same special units for example egypt, roman empire, and carthange have siege tower as their special units but even some nations have the same special units, their capablity aren't the same.

European war 6 after the end of the american war of independence, the french revolution broke out in europe in 1789 the world is about to change napoleon, duke of wellington, nelson, blucher, kutuzov, washington, davout and other military geniuses will become protagonists in changing this world.

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European war
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